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 It is not just about how the photograph looks. It is about the feelings you had when the photograph was taken.

Although I am a Lancashire wedding photographer meeting before the wedding is really important to me and I will travel anywhere within the UK to meet up whether it is to photograph the engagement shoot, show you the albums and books or just go for a coffee. Getting to know you as a couple helps me to best capture your wedding and the moments that are most special you. I am based in Bristol but will photograph anywhere. If your venue is more than fifty miles from Bristol I will arrive the day before the wedding and leave the following day. I do not believe in working to a timescale or a set number of hours, my day starts when yours does and I finish photographing when the last tune finishes. I capture all the things you two will miss, the laughs and the special moments with close family and friends and the little details that make your day unique.